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          Students’ Associations

          Sports Associations

          Art Associations

          Academic Associations

          Practical Associations

          Billiards Club

          East Lake painting and calligraphy Association

          Association of French

          Students' Mental Health Association of Wuhan University

          Taiji Enthusiasts Association

          Saint Beast (Cosplay Club)

          Information Literacy Association Of Wuhan University

          Association of Public Welfare

          Tae Kwon Do Association

          Voice of Sakura Harmonica Association

          Computer Association

          Orienteering Association

          Soccer Association

          Tuming Tea House

          Sunrain Literary Association

          AMC/ICPC Association

          Ping-pong Association

          Youth DV Association

          Luoyuan Sinology Association

          Club of Stamps Collection

          Hiking Club of WHU

          Flute Association

          English Street Club

          Google Camp

          Chess Association

          WHUGT (Guitar Club)

          Langtaoshi Literature Association

          Association of Library Administration

          Badminton Club

          The Renwen Philharmonic Choir of Wuhan University

          The Study and Protection of World Cultural Heritage Association of Wuhan University

          WHUIPA(Wuhan University Internet Programming Association)

          Martial Arts Association

          Wenhua Drama Club

          Association of Russian

          Green Boat (Association of Environmental Protection)

          Chinese Traditional Kungfu Association

          Zongdian Drama Club

          Association of German

          E-lovers Association

          Health & Beauty Association

          Qingqishi Drama Club

          Association of Japanese

          Advertisers Association

          Baseball Association

          Shakespeare English Drama Club

          Chunying Poetry Association

          Home of New Life(Volunteers Club)

          Dancing Club

          Crosstalk and Opusculum Association

          Association for History of WHU Research

          Anti-Cult Association

          Shuttlecocks Club

          Painting and Calligraphy Association of WHU

          Mathematic Modeling Association

          WHU Students International Cultural Communication Association(SICIA)

          Shining Hip-hop Association

          Printing and Photography Association

          Cantonese Culture Club

          The Nature Observation

          Bicycle Riding Association

          Original Music Association

          Web Design Association

          Public Relations Association

          Youxuan I-go Association

          Black & White Dream Photographic Association

          Memory Association

          Association of Science & Fantasy

          Basketball Association

          Movie Club

          Blurt English Club

          Focus (Talk Show)

          Golf Association

          Whudays (Cartoon Club)

          Life Explorer Association


          E-Sport Association

          Fantasy (Magic Club)

          WHU-MFC (Military Fans Club)




          Luojia Chinese Association




          International Social Issues Negotiation Association




          United Nations Association of Wuhan University


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