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          Stores and Supermarkets

          Supermarkets are available on the campus where students can purchase food and commodities.

          Ziqiang Supermarket

          Campus of Humanities and Sciences

          Campus of Engineering

          Campus of Information Sciences

          No.2 Shop: Third Floor of the Guiyuan Canteen

          No. 1 Shop: Opposite to the Affiliated Primary School of WHU

          No.4 Shop: In the empty space of the Student Domitory Building 7

          No.3 Shop: Beside the Hubin Canteen

          No. 9 Shop: Bottom floor of the Student Dormitory Building 15

          Star Lake Shop: Beside the Star Lake Hotel

          No.5 Shop: Beside the Labor Service Company

          Work-Study Shop: Beside the Student Dormitory Building 7

          301 Shop: In the No. 1 Canteen

          Fengyuan Shop: Fengyuan


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