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          Post Offices

          There are 4 post offices on campus. Foreign students can choose among them for postal services at their conveniences. The addresses are:

          Division 1 (Campus of Humanities and Sciences)

          Post Office of Maple Garden

          Division 2 (Campus of Engineering)

          Post Office of Hydraulic and Electrical Engineering, opposite Tianyuan Restaurant

          Division 3 (Campus of Information Sciences)

          opposite the College of Electronic Information

          Division 4 (Campus of Medicine)

          the main gate of Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University

          Students get their registered mails, packages or remittance with valid certificates (Passport or Student ID card) in the post office.

          Inform your family or friends of the correct mailing address to ensure that you can receive their letters on time. The envelope is generally written in Chinese or English.

          The format of letters from foreign countries is as followed:

          Mr. John Williams
          2─201 Foreign Students Building
          Wuhan University
          Wuhan, Province
          P.R China


          中国 武汉 430072
          武汉大学 留学生楼2─201房间
          约翰?威廉姆斯 先生 (收)

          Format for mails delivered inside China is as followed:


          爱丽斯 小姐 收

          Envelopes of mails sent to abroad can be written in the international format. If they are written in the languages except English or French, names of the countries and cities of the mail address should be written in Chinese, English or French.

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